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12/03/2007 Entry: "Weekend Wraps"

Well, another weekend gone. And it went by fast, too!

I left the office at 5pm Friday, and headed to my gig in Brunswick. It was cold, but otherwise uneventful. We beat feed outta the place, as I needed to be up early for Saturday. We (Blind Albert was riding with me) didn't even stop for a snack and coffee on the ride home. The result? I was home at 2:15am, about 15 minutes earlier than normal from that particular gig.

I woke up about 7:45 on Saturday morning. I needed to switch out some cymbals, shower, and get coffee. (Switch out cymbals? You use different cymbals for Jazz than rock/blues.) I stopped and got a plain chocolate donut at Willow St. Donuts, then headed to the gig. I was there about 9am, and was all set up when the other guys got there at 9:30. We played some Jazz and Christmas favorites, and everyone was happy. In fact, they already booked us for next year! That was done at 1pm, and then it was off to the Rockland Elks to set up for the next gig. I got that done with little time to spare before heading off to the North Pole on the Polar Express train ride fundraiser for the Toy Library. Susan's folks took the kids after the ride, and we flew home so Susan could change. Then, off to the 6pm dinner for gig #2. Dinner was fine; the roast was very good, the lasagna not so good. By the time the company give-aways were over, we only had about two hours to play. That's ok, I guess, but I spent almost as much time setting up/tearing down! Still, it was an early night, and I was home by midnight.

Since we had no children, Susan and I slept in as late as we could on Sunday--about 8am. Then it was off to church. Right after lunch, I had to get to the museum for my 2pm gig. That's four gigs this weekend for you playing along at home. Once that was done, I went home to pick up Julia and Susan for church. Susan, you see, went to pick up Julia at her parents, but we left the boys there. Matt apparently told Susan "I don't want to go home" as soon as she set foot in the door! Anyway, back at church we had our Moldovan missionary supper. Then it was home, and again, I think we went to bed early.

The end.

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