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11/30/2007 Entry: "The Christmas MI-5 (by me!)"

And it's not even December yet!

1) Name five things you will eat with gusto this holiday season.
Chocolate pie, preferably made with cooked pudding. (Instant is no where near as good. The texture isn't there.) Wal-Mart peanut butter bon-bons. I hope Aunt Ginny will continue the Reed Recipe eggnog, and if so, I will drink no less than three glasses on Christmas Eve. (We get it once a year, and it is so far and away superior to store eggnog I cannot even italicize this enough for you to realize!!! I kid you not! Susan, Lisa, Sizzle, anyone who has tried it will agree. This is the eggnog that made Milwaukee famous.) Stuffing, and of course, turkey.

2) Name four places you'll be traveling to in the next month. It would be nice if they were somewhat holiday related, e.g. you're going to see "The Nutcracker" or something.
I hope to be going to see the Boston Pops Christmas concert. I'll be going to the Salvation Army Christmas program, and I might even play Santa Claus. I'm taking a ride on the Polar Express tomorrow. And on Sunday, I'll be playing the holiday concert at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.

3) Name three gifts you are buying for someone else. Of course, don's say who they're for!
Hmm. I'm buying some jewelry for someone. I'm buying something from someone's Amazon wish list. I'm buying something train related for a couple of twins I know.

4) Name two Christmas carols you really like to hear.
Ooh, that's hard! (And I wrote the questions!) I really like Sting's "Gabriel's Message," and "Coventry Carol." And church, I like to sing "How Great Our Joy," or what some people call "While By My Sheep." OK, that's three, I went over, and I didn't even mention Duke's "March of the Sugar Rum Faery" on the Martha Stewart CD my sister gave me.

1) Name one gift you'd really like to receive.
Some new garbage cans.

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