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12/25/2007 Entry: "Merry Christmas, Everyone!"

The Battys of Rockland had a great, albeit long, Christmas. Presents started last night at Ma's, then to Uncle Houndog's at 9am, then my Mom's at noon-ish, then back home for our own tree. The boys went down with nary a peep. I got a new coat from Ma, Susan and I got a big bag of stuff from her parents, my Mom went overboard (as usual), and Susan got me some very nice things. Highlights? Mom got me a new copper pan and a Grecian pepper mill. Susan got me a new shower head (I like the waterfall effect) and a police scanner! It will hold 10 banks with 150 frequencies in each bank! I think I ended up programming about 60 frequencies into it, and that's all the stuff I could find for Knox county! Susan's big presents from me were a food processor (which she asked for) and a towel warmer! Actually, we got all kinds of new things for the bathroom: a shower radio, a new family electric toothbrush, lots of soap and shower stuff. I joked we could open a spa!

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It seems odd for a whole family to share one toothbrush.

I got a Vic Firth metal peppermill, and I gave Allison a food processor too.

Posted by jp @ 12/25/2007 10:33 PM EST

It seems odd for a whole family to share one toothbrush.

We're very close!

big grin

Actually, it's an Oral B supersonic thingy with removable heads. I bought enough brush heads so we each get our own.

Vic Firth was the principle tympanist for the Boston Symphony for many years. He then got into the drum stick business, and the plant is here in Maine. Since he had access to all that would and all those lathes, he started making gourmet pepper mills. Someday we should have a pepper mill shoot-out here at the office.

Posted by BR @ 12/26/2007 08:03 AM EST

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