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01/06/2008 Entry: "Susan's MI-5, Late Again"

The questions this week come from another book Susan purchased at Julia's school book fair called,"You've Got To Be Kidding!" It is a book full of "crazy, mind-bending 'would you rather' questions." One rule: you must choose one of the scenarios, you cannot answer "I don't know" or "neither." You can explain your answer if you wish.

1. Would you rather: Not be able to sleep for a week OR Not be able to eat for a week?
Not be able to eat. I've got plenty of fat reserves to live off for a week. A week without sleep? Heck, I can barely make a day without sleep!

2. Be the person in the circus who stand still while the knife thrower throws knives at him OR Be the person who puts his head in the lions mouth?
Lion's mouth, I guess. Maybe he wouldn't be hungry. Or maybe he wouldn't chomp my head completely off, and I could stick my fingers in his eyes if something went wrong.

3. Live next door to a haunted house OR Across the street from a cemetery?
They both appeal to me--nothing I wouldn't want to do here! I'd say I'd prefer the cemetery, though. I like 'em!

4. Be a boy named Muffin E. Sims OR A girl named Caspar P. Jasper?
The boy. Why? 'Cause I don't want to be a girl, no matter what!

5. Spend the rest of your life in a space ship OR The rest of your life in a submarine?
Lots of people spend lots of time in submarines, so they've gotta be safe. Only about 500 people have ever been into space, so there's a lot less practical knowledge about space travel. I'll take the sub please! I'll make my depth one five zero feet, aye, with five degrees up on my bow planes. Smartly!

(PS. A guy I work with, Charlie, used to work on submarines. He cringes every time I speak submariner. He's says I've seen too many movies.)

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