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01/17/2008 Entry: "Fashion Tips from the Comedian"

Lately, I've taken to wearing a sport coat in the office. Why? I use it to exude power and confidence, and to lend an air of superiority over the staff. Let you know who the boss is, you know? OK, actually that's not it. I'm wearing them for warmth. It's another layer. It can go on, or come off, and it doesn't affect the rest of the outfit. I get cold, I put it on. Eh. I get hot, I take it off. No big whoop. Of course, with the cold weather comes snow. With snow comes boots. And my boots are cold! So on the days where I have to wear boots to work, I also bring a second pair of shoes--usually my Chuck Ts. They're comfy! Today, I've got on my blue two button blazer (a gift from Paddy) and my Chucks. Jim says I look like I should be doing stand-up! I guess that means you probably shouldn't take any high fashion cues from me!

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