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02/01/2008 Entry: "Stuff Everyone Knows About Me, Flossing, and Houses"

Perhaps my postings are a little predictable. While at lunch Wednesday, JP asked me what I had done over the previous weekend. I couldn't really remember, so Jim started a typical "weekend wrap-up" post from BillyRhythm.com. Sadly, he was right on the money! My weekends are all the same! Wake up, make breakfast, do some web design, wash dishes, go to church, the end. Perhaps I'll forgo them for a while...

I went to the dentist yesterday morning. I've been rather diligent about flossing in the morning, and since Christmas (when we got a Oral-B toothbrush) I've been doing two full minutes with the brush, twice daily. I was hoping the hygenist would say "Wow, I see marked improvement!" Instead she said "How are you doing with your flossing regime?" I said, having not told her any of the above, "How do you think I'm doing with my flossing?" She said while there wasn't any deterioration, she things looked about the same as before. That was a bit of a bummer for me.

Also, Susan and I have been looking for a bigger house. Maybe I can post something about that later.

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