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02/08/2008 Entry: "My Sister Resurrects The MI-5"

I really hate to see the MI-5 “die”, so I’ve taken it upon myself to write the questions for this week. These questions are completely unrelated, and they should be really easy. Therefore, no one should have an excuse not to answer them!!!

1. Do you prefer crushed ice or ice cubes in your drinks?
Cubes. Crushed ice gets past my teeth, and my teeth are ever so slightly sensitive. I can filter cubes out with my lips.

2. Do you chew gum? If so, what is your favorite gum?
I don't chew gum as a habit. If someone offers me a piece, I'd probably chew it. Juicy Fruit is my favorite.

3. What book are you reading right now? Do you like it?
The only book I'm really reading right now with regularity is the Experiencing God workbook for Bible study. I do have a copy of The Annotated Alice that I started reading again next to my bed. I think this will be my third or fourth time through it.

4. What is the last thing you have done creatively?
Web page design, I guess. Of course, I create on the drums every time I play them. Nothing is ever exactly the same twice.

5. What song seems to be running through your head a/k/a an “earworm”?
Oh, Solo Mio. Of course, I sing my version with made up words!

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