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02/20/2008 Entry: "A Little AM Discussion of Stardom"

On Monday, at the office, Gina, Stacey, and I were talking a little about celebrities. I mentioned that some celebrities, just how they carry themselves, seem like they'd be really cool people. You know, you walk into the coffee shop, they're there, drinking coffee. You decided to sit near them, and strike up a conversation. Some stars seem like they'd be cool about it. Some seem like they'd give you the hairy eyebrow, get up, and leave. How about you leave a comment, and tell me who you think might fall into each category. I'll start. To me, Danzel Washington seems like a total down to earth guy. Same with Terry Bradshaw. I'll pick Queen Latifa on the ladies side. Who's on the other side? Axel Rose wouldn't give someone the time of day. Matthew McConaughey also stikes me as "high maintenance."

Who's on your two lists? Who'll have coffee with you? Who won't look you in the eye?

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For friendly, I would say Tyra Banks, Ellen Degeneres, Star Jones, and Kelly Ripa.

For unfriendly, I would say Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, and Regis Philbin (who might be nice on the outside, but bothered on the inside).

Can you tell I watch a lot of talk shows?

I also think a lot of country music stars would be friendly.

Posted by Lisa @ 02/21/2008 09:20 AM EST

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