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02/22/2008 Entry: "Susan's MI-5"

Susan says: "These questions come, once again, from the "Coke or Pepsi" book I bought at Julia's last book fair."

1. Are you always up-to-date on the news?
Sort of. I watch the news most mornings, usually the Maine news on NBC. In the shower in the morning I listen to BBC World News. And I listen to a little talk radio, so I would say I'm fairly on top of world events. I'm not a news geek, though. I don't have Google send me alerts when something bigs happens or anything.

2. What is your favorite hot beverage?
Coffee. Black. Strong. Locally roasted Jet or Dark Star are favorites. Honestly, though, JP and I were discussing this yesterday... Other than Indian Malabar, all the straight coffees at Rock City are terrific.

3. Would you rather go to the museum of art or natural history?
It would depend on the art museum. If it were modern art, I'd rather go to the natural history museum. If the museum contained a lot of art by European masters, then probably the art museum.

4. The best food comes from which country?
Italy. I think everyone knows that, right?

5. Would you rather bicycle through Europe or go on an African Safari?
I'd rather see Europe, but I don't think I'm fit enough to bicycle through it. How about a safari through Europe?

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