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02/25/2008 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

Good morning, everyone. It's 6:19 in the A-M, and you're watching "Perspectives." OK, not really.

My weekend started on Friday. I took the day off in order to take the family to the children's museum in Augusta. Too bad I had hurt my back on Thursday. Yup. I've entered a new age of adulthood: I hurt my back. And, in another new era of adulthood, I don't know how I did it. But I decided I wanted to take the kids anyway. My Mom went along with us, and we took her van. Getting into said van was a little iffy for me. Once I was in the seat, though, I was ok. The museum was ok, but not as good as Portland or Bangor, but nice enough, I guess. The kids loved it, and that's what mattered. Because it was going to snow in the afternoon, we left the museum about noon, and had some lunch at Friendly's. The home, where I spent the remainder of the day in Susan's recliner with a heating pad.

On Saturday, we went to Augusta yet again, this time to go to Kennebec Church's winter carnival. You see, our church is having a carnival in about three weeks, so I went to scope out how they run theirs. Again, what seemed like not much to me equaled unparalleled fun for the children. The next stop was a furniture store, looking for a couch. No luck. We went to Wendy's for lunch, then to Sams Club for supplies. Two more furniture store stops yielded no couch prospects. We were home in time for supper.

Sunday morning was the norm, with nothing special to report. Well, Susan was sick, so all the normal church activities, lunch at Mom's, etc., were done without her.

And so it went! The end.

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