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02/22/2008 Entry: "My Mostly Untrue Friday Fill-In"

1. Driving is the best thing about traveling.
2. I love a good hot cocoa when I'm cold.
3. I often use people to my own advantage, leaving them wasted shells of their former selves.
4. I'm reading Dave Barry's "Homes and Other Black Holes" right now; I like it. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't read it.
5. Disembowelment is something I dislike talking about.
6. When I visited Baltimore I most looked forward to seeing Poe's gravesite. (Of course, that's all a fabrication. I've never been to Baltimore.)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleeping, tomorrow my plans include being in pain all day and Sunday, I want to lie in bed all day, and do nothing! (Of course, that won't be happening. I've never been to Baltimore.)

Is question 7 always the same on these things?

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From my perspective, if the questions were actually written first, the answers might be more interesting and would make more sense. Just a thought. blush


Posted by aza @ 02/22/2008 10:29 AM EST

The originals are in the regular print. The italicized sections are my answers. Does it make more sense now?

Posted by BR @ 02/22/2008 05:48 PM EST

Yup! Thanx big grin

Posted by aza @ 02/25/2008 04:03 PM EST

HAHAHAH love your answer to #3 ;-)

And yes, #7 is always the same...tradition, you know.

Thanks for playing!

btw...Amy gave me guest posting privileges, too, but I deleted the email accidentally! Can you help?

Posted by Janet @ 02/25/2008 08:04 PM EST

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