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03/28/2008 Entry: "Paddy's All About Jobs MI-5"

1) Think back now. What was your first REAL job ... you know, one that you had a W-2 from at the end of the year. Tell us about it:

My first real job was pumping gas at South End Exxon. I started in January, and got done in May or so. They called me up on my day off, and asked why I wasn't in. I explained I wasn't in the habit of stopping by my workplace on my day off. The manager explained he thought I should come in and see what was going on, regardless of whether or not I was actually working. I explained I wouldn't be in; I was in Spruce Head, and I didn't drive. He said "You either come in, or drop off your key." I dropped off the key.

2) Everybody has had a favorite job, perhaps one that they are still in. What was yours?

I haven't really had that many jobs. I count three "major" jobs in my life. It's hard to pick a favorite. I like the position I'm in now, but I miss (a little) working in the Wal-Mart pharmacy. It was fast paced, challenging, and I got to work with nice people--both staff and customers.

3) Remember that job that you thought would be great ... that wasn't? Tell us about your biggest career-related error in judgment:

I can't recall any major missteps.

4) What is more important to you in your career choice: Money or Satisfaction? Or both ... or something else? Explain:

Satisfaction means more to me than money. I would rather make less money, but really enjoy the work. Making good money at a job I hate? That doesn't really sound like me.

5) OK, it's dream job time. For the sake of this exercise, we'll assume that you can at least make a comfortable living wage from the work ... regardless of its nature. So, what is it that you would choose to do, day in, day out, to earn your daily bread?

I could see myself as a drum company sales rep. Or, maybe running my own drum shop or drum building business. I also think I'd be a good seminary professor. Wow, that's a big leap!

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