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04/09/2008 Entry: "Dreaming of Crabs and Death"

I've had another set of weird dreams over the last three nights. I'll tell you what I can remember.

On Sunday, I had a fitful night sleeping. I was awake frequently, and it seemed I couldn't sleep for a stretch any longer than an hour or two. At one point I dreamed Susan built an outside, walk-in crabarium. A crabarium? Yup. That's the place you keep your hermit crabs. Susan surprised me by building a giant, screened in crabarium outside our house. It was big enough to have a tree on the inside. I went in, and there were all kinds of things for the crabs to play with and climb on. There were even some crabs in there, and some were very large--about the size of your fist. I even found a turtle inside the crabarium!

Monday night, I had a crazy dream, but I don't remember it today.

Last night, I dreamed I went to this very crazy water park. It was a water park dedicated to people who had been killed in/on/around the water. They offered a swimming area, and a water cruise. First, I started with a swim. That area was fairly normal, though you could see over to the cruise area. I got out of the water, and to get out of the swim area, you went into this wooden building, climbed to the second floor, went through the ticket booth, and out. So as I got to the stairs, I found I could go left or right, up two different flights of stairs. I went right. As I climbed the stairs, I found them full of spider webs. I figured this was the wrong way, and that no one had been here in a long time. At the top of the stairs, the exit had been blocked by steel mesh--like the kind you'd make screen windows from. So I went to the other stairs. When I got to the top, I found the door locked. I went back down to the beach, and yelled up to a lady near an open window in the second floor ticket booth.

"The door is locked," I said.
"Oh, we don't use those doors," she explained. "Climb up here, then come in through this window."

After I did that, I got a ticket for the cruise. The boat drove around the lake, where there were plastic models of people, ships, various scenes, whatever. The captain of the boat guided the tour over a microphone, pointing out the various models, and explaining the tale of woe surrounding each one. "This person drowned; this ship went down, killing all hands..." And on and on. During the cruise, I spotted four bodies in the water, bloated, gruesome. One particularly disturbing scene was a young girl in a pink dress, head down in the water, her legs above the waterline, caught in a thorny bush. The girl's head was just a few inches under the water. I somehow knew she wasn't a plastic exhibit. There were actual dead bodies in this lake.

After the tour, I tried to get the captain's attention. We were separated for a little bit, but I finally caught up with him. He was talking with some other passengers, answering their questions. I pulled him aside, and told him "I think there are four dead bodies in your lake, and I think they're real, and I don't think they're part of your exhibit." He had me get on the boat, and I took him to the place of the girl with the pink dress. I noticed she wasn't there.

"I guess you moved that one," I said.
He smiled, knowingly. "It was a girl in a pink dress, right? I know all about her. She's a ghost. She died there many years ago."

Then, believe it or not, there was a museum of the macabre right next door to the waterpark. Now, Jim, Blind Al, and his wife Lee are with me. We enter the museum, and not only is it a museum, but it's the actual working medical examiner's office for the town. So there are museum exhibits of dead people, as well as just "regular" dead people, waiting for their autopsies. The ME, who also runs the museum, is there to greet us. He has an electric angle grinder in his hands. He comments "Wow, I wish you had been here a few minutes ago. I just had to saw a baby in half, and I could've used an extra pair of hands." I knew this was not going to be good. As much as I enjoy the spooky, a baby autopsy is not on my list of things to see.

Jim, Blind Al, and Lee have by this time entered the main room. There's a wall there you have to walk around, and I can tell by their expressions I don't want to walk around; I don't want to see what they've just seen in that room.

And then I woke up.

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