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04/11/2008 Entry: "My Sister's Restaurant MI-5"

My sister said:

"This week's five is a little different... I'd like you to pick five restaurants that you have never been to before. Go to their online menu, and tell me what you would order. I know. I always have food on the brain!"

Now, I've got a problem here. I don't know that I pay that much attention to "restaurants I want to try." I'll see if I can come up with 5. As I start this post, I can only think of two, but here goes!

1. Chick-Fil-A. It's just a fast food joint I haven't tried. Now that I look at their online menu, though, it doesn't look like there's really much to make me jump up and down. I guess I'll take the classic chicken sandwich and waffle fries. To drink? How about a Coca-Cola? That sounds new and interesting! (/sarcasm)

2. Po. It's one of Mario Batalli's restaurants. I'll start with the gnocchi, then have the Veal Marsala and Pan Fried Potatoes. Funny, but here's another menu that doesn't really inspire me. There's nothing there that says to me "Oh man! I gotta try that!

3. Brennan's in NOLA. A place that specializes in breakfast. The place that invented Bananas Foster. I'll start off with the Creole onion soup. Then on to Eggs Owen. And of course, Bananas Foster for dessert.

Now I'm stuck...

4. Eggspectation. I guess I'll try the "Eggsiliration." Or maybe the Grilled Chicken, Spinach, Mushrooms and Three Cheese with roasted pepper sauce Crepes Bretonnes.

I'm stinking at this one. Really, none of this really thrills me. I guess I prefer smaller, more local restaurants. Oh, I haven't been to...

5. Primo. Bing bing bing bing! Now I've found something! How about "Home grown Asparagus cooked on our wood grill...served with Culatello ham, robiola cheese and shaved summer truffles" I'm in!
"Cayuga Duck Breast from the wood grill with crisp potato gnocchi, morel mushrooms and wild leeks." Yes, please! "Sauteed scaloppini of Pork "Saltimbocca" served on a bed of roast garlic mashed potato layered with wilted garden spinach, prosciutto and a sage, mushroom~Madiera jus." Oh yeah!

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