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04/21/2008 Entry: "Shootin' Out Some Thanks"

I've got some overdue props to throw out, here. Prop getters, you've been on my mind, I just haven't gotten you down on paper (or screen) yet. First, to my Mom. She bought me a neti pot. What's a neti pot? Well, it's like a little teapot you fill with salt water. You stick it in your nose, tip your head, breath through your mouth, and pour. Water flows in one nostril, and out the other. I know, it seems awful, but people swear by the results--it really cleans out your sinuses! :-) I wanted to give it a try, but I didn't want to spend nigh on $20 for something I didn't know if I'd like or not. Mom found a less expensive plastic model (most are ceramic), so she snagged it for me. I love it! I use it twice a day, usually: once in the morning, once at night.

Next, Pete Tyler from the office noticed my stress level had been a little higher than normal. To wish me a "happy Easter" (it didn't arrive until after Easter, but he kept calling it my Easter present), he bought me the Best of the Outfield from my Amazon wish list. Thank you, Pater!

Today, after I'd dealt with a somewhat rude customer, Cal (another office guy) said to me (to the effect of) "You handled that the way your dad would have."

I told him there probably wasn't a bigger complement he could give me.

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See ... "Washing Your Nose on Valentines Day" wasn't so crazy after all!

Posted by Allison @ 04/21/2008 11:07 PM EST

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