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04/18/2008 Entry: "My Beloved's MI-5"

My beloved says: "Here are some more questions from "You Gotta Be Kidding!" a book I purchased at Julia's book fair several months ago. The only rule is: You must choose from one of the 2 answers, "neither one" is not an acceptable answer. If you would like you can explain your choice."

Would You Rather:
1. Sleep each night with 2 harmless bats in your bedroom OR Always have 5 pigeons hanging out in your bathroom?

Pigeons in the bathroom. I'm in the bathroom for maybe 1/2 hour a day, including showering and everything. I'm in bed for 1/3 of my life! So I'll take the birds I guess. I hope I can potty train them!

2. Sleep on the sidewalk for a week straight in normal weather OR Sleep for 1 night on the sidewalk in the pouring rain?

Read everyone else's answers--we're all thinking alike! I'll take the rain, and get it over in one night.

3. Never be able to smile OR Never be able to dream when you sleep?

I love my dreams, and I have good ones, too! (I'm surprised no one commented on my dream about the death waterpark.) But I'd be willing to give all that up, just so I can smile at you!

4. Not be able to read OR Not be able to talk?

Talk, I guess. My thought is that I could learn sign-language to compensate for not talking, but there really is no way around not reading. (Save for picture menus at McD's.)

5. Bang your funny bone 5 times in a row OR Listen for 20 minutes to someone scraping their nails down a chalkboard?

I can't stand the chalkboard thing, so I'll take the funny bone.

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