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04/25/2008 Entry: "Jim Takes the MI-5 Wheel"

1. What is your personal policy regarding locking your car?
~I lock it 99.9% of the time. The only time it's not locked is when I forget. My car ALWAYS has a drum set in it, along with a cymbal bag full of hard to replace and beloved cymbals. On top of those, you'll also find CDs, and who knows what other music equipment might be in there at any given time. So I leave it locked, even in my driveway.

2. If you had to do it all again would you choose the same career path?
~Probably not. When I started college, I wanted to be a musician. Then an English teacher. From there I sorta fell into P/R. I like that. I probably should've majored in Communications and Marketing. On a strange side note, I also thought about majoring in Philosophy at one point. Now that I'm 20 years older, I'm thinking maybe I should start some college work in Theology--a field not that far away from Philosophy.

3. What is something you hope to do this summer?
~Get my house back into shape. The deck needs painting, as does the foundation. Maybe some windows in the basement. A new bathroom sink? Perhaps.

4. Tell us something you are thankful for right now.
~My inlaws. They've got my kids this weekend, and Susan and I have a night out planned! We're going to a restaurant we've not been to before, and I haven't told Susan where that is. I'll tell you later.

5. Tell us of a book, movie, tv show, webisode, author, CD, musician, comedian or any form of entertainment you have been digging lately.
~I've been listening to a lot of "Track 14: Bluegrass" on my XM radio. TV? I'm not really following anything with any rigor, but we are taping "Deadliest Catch." But if it didn't tape one night, it would be no big whoop. For comedians, I like Frank Caliendo and Mitch Hedberg. And Maine's Bob Marley. CD? My mom bought me a Shelly Manne CD from my Amazon wish list, and that's seen a lot of time in the CD drawer.

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