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05/06/2008 Entry: "A Leftover Post from Saturday"

Saturday. The motel. 5:45pm. I'm here, in Ellsworth. No WIFI. For real. A motel with no WIFI. It's a pretty bare bones place, but what do I need, really? A place to sleep, a shower in the morning. The in room coffee will be nice in the morning, and I'll probably snag something off the continental breakfast just to get my money's worth. Oh, how happen I'm at a motel, and not camping in my station wagon at the Wal-Mart Plaza Parking Towers? Blind Albert's had the flu for three weeks. I told him my plans, and he said he really didn't think he'd feel like driving home at like 1am. He wondered what I thought about splitting a room. The cheapskate in me didn't like the thought of spending $30 on a room, when I'm only making $100 at the gig. But I know Susan was worried about me sleeping in the car, and Gina voiced some concern, and probably my Mom wouldn't dig it too much, so I figured I'd splurge. Too bad I didn't splurge enough for a motel with WIFI. Maybe I'll get a chance to post this tomorrow (Sunday) from my gig in Blue Hill. After all, that gig's in a school, so maybe something will be available.

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