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05/13/2008 Entry: "Big Bird Band in the Bushes"

Had some neat things happen yesterday, and I thought you'd be keen to know.

One, we've got a pair of cardinals building a nest in our forsythia bush. They hang around these other bushes we have in the back yard (I don't know what they are), gather twigs, and then bring them to the forsythia out front. Interestingly, Julia made a bird feeder on Sunday out of a bagel, peanut butter, and some seeds. She took the liberty of hanging it near the nest. We've seen the cardinals feeding out of our bird feeder out back, but I haven't seen them gnawing on the bagel yet.

Two, I played drums for the Monday Night Jazz Orchestra last night, and had a good time doing it. The group was really, well, jazzed to have me, and I had a good time playing for them. I love to play Jazz, and I really like playing with a big band. Many of them said I was welcome any time--they really want me to come back. But if you've read here much, you know I keep pretty busy behind the drums, and to add another band for fun (read: no money) just can't happen. I like spending time at home too!

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