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05/20/2008 Entry: "The Happy Customer"

I had a really nice experience with a customer today. This guy had his C/C number ripped off in the Hannaford debacle. His credit card company caught it. Some dope thief bought $1 worth of gas in New Jersey. Then, they did it again! The C/C company rightly thought "Who buys a dollar worth of gas, and then buys another dollar worth of gas?" Heck, what's that, a quart?! Anyway, they shut his card off, and called him. And then who did he call? Me! He wanted to let MIS know his card was canceled, and he'd get us the new number just as soon as he gets it. He was so apologetic. "I'm sorry for all the trouble this is causing you," he said. I said "The one who's getting the biggest headache out of this deal is you!" He was so nice, though, I thought I'd blog it.

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