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05/16/2008 Entry: "Mel's MI-5"

1. I read several blogs written by Pastor's around the U.S. sometimes their posts have nothing to do with the Christian walk but reflect on their own personal life. Like the one I read the other day by Tally Wilgis regarding the alignment of his coffee cup. He stated "I don't know what it is about me that demands this but I always have to make sure the logo on the Starbucks cup aligns with the logo on the sleeve. Additionally, I have to position the lip of the cup so that I drink in alignment with the logos below." Do you have any weird OCD issues?

~No, I don't think so. I have all the bills in my wallet facing the same way, and increasing in value from front to back, but that's just an organizational thing, not an OCD thing. When I get home in the evening, I like to take my socks 1/2 way off, and walk around with my socks dangling off my toes, but not to the tune of obsessive/compulsive.

2. Some of you know that In April, 4 years ago I left my South Florida home of 23 years and drove with all my belongings to Maine to start a new life. The only thing Maine offered me was a job & it's incredible beauty. Friends and family would have to be acquired after I arrived. What major decision/change did you make in your life that surprised your family and friends & how did things work out?

~Hmm. I can't really think of anything. I'm not one to just make quick decisions that would surprise my family. Lots of them read here. Perhaps they'll comment on something I've done that surprised them

3. We often learn certain behaviors by the folks we spend time with. An accent you pick up, words you add to your vocabulary, a certain way of washing your car, tying your shoes or folding your socks.
What is something you picked up and who did you pick it up from?

~I usually use the term "hedgehog" instead of segue. I learned that from my friend Keith.

4. 2 years ago I was online looking up hiking trails and discovered the sport of Geocaching & found an instant addiction after the 1st time I played. What is something you discovered by accident but has enriched your life?

~I'm not sure how I can pull this together, but let me try. Sometime after high school, I became a somewhat adventurous eater. My Mom is a good cook, but we were a typical meat and potatoes family growing up. But when I got older, I somehow got the idea to try and eat things a little on the outside, if you know what I mean. I can attribute this either to the time I first tried lamb (my brother-in-law Hound Dog let me try some of his) or the first time I tried asparagus (at a wedding I was DJing). Neither of these items did we ever eat as kids, and I don't ever remember Mom serving them. (Though I seem to recall Mom now loves asparagus, too.) Since becoming a more daring eater, I've really found some foods that I really like, that many people have never even tried. I find very few people in this area eat duck or lamb, let alone snails, quail, and portobellos. (Did I mention I really want to try fresh figs? How many of you have ever eaten a fresh fig?)

5. Often we are frustrated by the actions and attitudes of others. If you could influence a behavioral change in someone else, what would it be and how would you go about doing it?

~I know some business people who have, in my opinion, an unhealthy attitude towards profit. As someone who believes in capitalism, I'm all for profitability. You need profit to drive the system. Some people, though, are driven by profit. It's what they live for--the profit. They don't want to make money so they can live; they live so they can make profit. My boss is a good example of a healthy attitude, I think. Yes, he has a nice home on the water. Yes, he owns a Jaguar. Yes, he owns a few other cars too. But he also treats his employees very well. He could, if he wanted, take what he gives to his staff at Christmas time and put it in his own pocket. He doesn't. He could ask his employees to pay some of their insurance costs. He could then increase his business profitability due to lower costs. He could put those savings in his pocket. He doesn't. I wish I could somehow show some of the other guys I know that it isn't all about having more money for you.

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In the house I lived in before this house our neighbor had a fig tree that grew half in our yard and we would eat the ones on our half. Yummy!

Posted by Amy @ 05/17/2008 12:50 AM EST

Oh and I have had lamb (didn't like), quail (ok), portabellas (ok), asparagus, (and the figs).

Have you tried artichokes? Like fresh ones? Most people haven't so I am curious. I love them (along with asparagus) big grin

Posted by Amy @ 05/17/2008 12:53 AM EST

I just checked out your responses to this week's MI-5 questions. (I don't like to read other responses until I've completed my own. If I do it becomes hard to think of my own!) It's interesting about the money in the wallet thing. And I noticed that your pastor does that as well. I do too. Maybe it's really not that odd. Oh, and when I lived in CA, I had fresh artichokes a lot. Really good. cool eh?

Posted by aza @ 05/20/2008 04:02 PM EST

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