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07/11/2008 Entry: "My Sister's MI-5"

1. The weather has been way too hot for me this week. What is something you currently think is "really hot"? It could be a book, a movie, a song, an athlete, an artist, or anything.
~My wife Susan. ;-) Perhaps an Audi TT. A scooter.

2. Eben is going to camp this week. The camp focuses on games, arts, and cooking. Tell us about the last game you played, the last thing you created, or the last meal you cooked. For extra brownie points, tell us all three.
~The last game I played was either "Ball Monster" (where I throw a ball at the kids in the back-yard) or "Climb on the Daddy" (a game where I lie down on the floor, and the kids use me for a jungle gym). The last thing I created was music on the 5th of July in Camden. The last meal I cooked was steak and mushrooms on the grill for Susan when she came home from camp.

3. Caleb thought he wanted a swimming pool. We bought him an inflatable pool with a small slide and a built-in sprinkler. Caleb won't go near it. Have you ever wanted/needed something really badly, and then when you had it, you decided you didn't really want/need it?
~I had wanted a copper snare drum for some time. Tama made one for $600, but I didn't want to spend that much. Then they released one for about $300. I bought one sight unheard. I don't really care for the sound all that much. I keep it because it does sound so different from what I like. It's dry, and quite loud. I mostly use it on outside gigs--but I could sell it and not miss it.

4. I have been doing a Bible Study about idols (No Other Gods by Kelly Minter). Is there something in your life to which you give more time and/or attention than it deserves? Tell us about it. (This doesn't have to be deep and personal if you don't want it to be.)
~I spend too much time on the Internet. Heck, I'm in front of a computer for eight hours a day--why should I have to log in when I get home? I try not to, but sometimes those drum bulletin boards cry out to me, especially if Susan's watching that reality show about hair cuts.

5. Who or what is "Polycarp"? If you don't know, give us your best guess. Then, you can go ahead and google it if you'd like.
~My sister is getting me in trouble! She knows I know who Polycarp was. Lisa always says I know everything, but I don't really. It just so happens that on Sunday, the pastor read a little from the book of Revelation. Lisa had a note in her Bible about another pastor mentioning Polycarp in a particular sermon--but she couldn't remember who Polycarp was. Ironically, I had just read about him somewhere--so yet again to my dear sister it would appear that I knew everything. Anyway, Polycarp was an early church father who was martyred for not being willing to say "Caesar is Lord."

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My boss just bought a bright red audi tt. Its quite cute!

Posted by Amy @ 07/13/2008 12:07 AM EST

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