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07/25/2008 Entry: "Susan't MI-5"

My beloved says: "This week we will be celebrating all 3 of our children's July birthdays, so that is the inspiration for this week's questions."

1. What is your most vivid childhood birthday memory?
~None of them seem any more or less vivid than any of the others. As a kid, I always had great birthdays, but none really stand out as anything super special.

2. What is your most favorite adult birthday moment?
~Man, I'm not doing so well on this one. I don't really care that much about birthdays anymore. I like having birthdays for my kids, but for me, they don't amount to much. And, unlike a few adults I know, I still go to work on my birthday.

3. Does any gift that you've ever received for a birthday stand out?
~Since 1989, my mom has renewed my subscription to Modern Drummer. That's pretty special to me. When a was really young, Uncle Roger gave me some old CB radio to play with. I played with that thing for years. When I was playing "War," it was our communications base radio. When I got a little older, I liked to take parts out of it and put it back together. I think Mom has a picture of me playing with it, somewhere. I remember it was brown.

4. Did you ever have a theme birthday as a child? If so, what was your favorite?
~Most of my birthdays had themes. My sister blogged about one of my favorites: a skeleton party! We even played "pin the arm bone on the skeleton!" I also remember a "bowling" themed party at cousin Jason's house (we share the same birthday, him being one year older), and a Star Wars party.

5. Talk about a birthday milestone (e.g. 16, 21, 40, etc).
~When I turned 30, I finally felt like an adult. When you're in your 20s, you can fall back on that "young adult" title. Once you hit 30, though, it's full out adulthood. Of course, though I finally just felt like an adult, I had two cars, a house, a wife of eight years, and a three year old daughter! For some reason, none of that made me an "adult." No, adulthood started at 30.

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