Reasons 4 Love

Every Wednesday those who are involved in a relationship with somebody share a few (simple but significant) reasons for their love. I did this project for 52 weeks. These are my reasons, unedited, in order.

I love Susan because:

1.She lets me call her Susan--everyone else calls her Sue.
2. We're so in tune with each other, neither of us can sleep when the other is not in the bed.
3. Even though I sometimes leave my dinner dishes out until morning, she tries very hard not to chastize me.
4. She's a great kisser.
5. She'd be willing to have a another child just for me. (Of course, she's since realized she'd like to have another, too!)
5. She heated up my supper for me last night in order to have it ready for me when I was done teaching my late (9pm) class.
6. She was listening to The Mingus Big Band when I got home. (She doesn't normally listen to Jazz without a vocal.)
7. She is a wonderful mother to Julia.
8. She donates her old clothes to the Salvation Army.
9. She does things to please me, even if she doesn't like to do it herself; she'll do something just for me.
10. She let me make Swedish Meatballs for supper one night, even though she doesn't really like them.
11. She got the table cleaned off, so we can eat there instead of on the couch.
12. She works hard to keep the house in shape, even though I care about it more than she does.
13. She still has that black hair thingy she used to wear when we were first dating.
14. Even though she sometimes makes me cry, I know she will always love me.
15. She understands that I'm a "man," and that men's brains work different than women's brains.
16. Even when she has a house full of kids, she tries to make supper for me.
17. She's so cute watching every reality show on the planet.
18. She buys me chocolate.
19. Even when she's sick, she tires to clean house--just because she knows I prefer a clean house.
20. Even when she's sick, she's still a mother first.
21. Even when she's sick, she wants to get the laundry done.
22. She's cute with a bob haircut.
23. She showered first on Sunday morning, allowing me an extra 15 minutes of sleep.
24. No matter how mad she gets at me, she always sleeps in bed with me--never the couch.
25. She never complains about the amount of drums I own.
26. She watched "Tales of the Gun" with me, even though she'd rather watch "Star Search."
27. She has the most wonderful skin. Smooth, a little tan, and very nibble-y.
28. She has the most wonderful back. It's like a runway for my kisses!
29. She has the most wonderful eyes. I thought no one could have deeper brown eyes. Then she gave me Julia!
30. And then, of course, there's Song of Solomon 1:13.
31. She agrees with me that Kimberly Locke got robbed on American Idol.
32. She doesn't knock me for owning more drum sets than I really need.
33. I love it when she flips her hair.
34. She thanks me for working hard so she can be a stay-at-home mom.
35. She doesn't chastize me when I make a silly purchase.
36. She's a great baker of chocolate chip cookies.
37. She doesn't get on me for being a bad landscaper, and keeping the grounds impeccable.
38. She understands why I have to be as busy as I am.
39. She understands that I can't be with her as much as I'd like.
40. She's a bad mama jama!
41. She likes American Chopper as much as I do.
42. She's got great curves.
43. She takes great care of a sick daughter.
44. She made me brownies.
45. She wants another baby--and so do I!
46. On March 2nd, 1989, she agreed to be my girlfriend. (We were Juniors in high school.)
47. On February 14, 1992, she agreed to be my wife.
48. On June 11, 1994 at 2pm in the afternoon at the South Somerville Baptist Church, she said "I do."
49. When she asks me how my day was, she really wants to know.
50. She made me the lemon squares she's been promising since Christmas. :-)
51. She's a very caring daughter.
52. She's comfortable to sleep next to.
53. She makes me happy.
54. Our Freshman year in college, I had just started in a band that was really getting some work. High school gigs are high school gigs. I was now playing for real cash. Susan had just got a new job, in telemarketing I think. She took some of her first pay check, and bought me a Zildjian cymbal safe. I think of her every time I use it, and I use it at every gig. It's my main cymbal "bag."
55. She brought me a clean towel to replace my dirty towel the other day, though I didn't ask for one. Just becuase she thought I needed a fresh towel.
56. She bought me some beer last night. She agonized over which kind she thought I would like, and ended up buying me a Shipyard summer pack, with Joshua Chamberlin Ale in the mix.
57. She doesn't get angry when I spend my play money on drums, instead of more practical things like clothes.
58. She agreed, when making ice cream, to make chocolate ice cream with Andes mint candies, even though she isn't a huge mint fan.
59. She likes Moodys as much as I do.
60. She loves me too. And I've never doubted it--that's how much she loves me. She loves me so much, I never ever wonder if she does.
61. She's a true friend. Not just to me, but to her friends as well. She often puts herself last, and her friend's needs first.
62. She worked very hard to make Julia's 5th birthday party a success.
63. She's helping out a Vacation Bible School this week.
64. She takes care of the bookkeeping. No more bill paying for me!
65. She's a really good mom--as evidinced by our really good kid!
66. She's done a lot lately to keep the house clean, and I appreciate that.
67. She's done a lot recently to make the house look nice on the outside; she's done a great job with flowers.
68. She told me the other day that she thought I should buy another drum kit.
(I was kidding on that last one.)
69. She makes a mean mashed potato.
70. She's really taken the lead in planning for a baby. She moved out of her scrapbooking room, and moved Julia in, so Julia could have the bigger room, and the smaller room could be used for a nursery.
71. She did all that work herself, including moving the bed.
72. Last night, even after working hard on the moving, she still made a yummy supper of fried chicken.
73. She hasn't said one bad thing about my dream of owning a fire engine, even though I have no good reason for wanting to own one other than "I want one."
74. She's got a good sense of humor.
75. She made lunch for me today so it would be ready as soon as I got home.
76. She looks after a sick child and never complains.
77. She cleans up after a kitty that I would have long ago given away.
78. She gives a very cute "hairy eyeball."
79. She works very hard at keeping the house clean--even if she has to stay up late to do it.
80. She's adjusted her scrapbook spending down so she can send Julia to ballet classes.
81. She loves her friends ver much--even the weird ones!
82. She loves me, and I'm weird too!
83. She loved me all the way the way through my fire engine fiasco.
84. She gave Julia a wonderful cheese party.
85. She's very tender-hearted.
86. She keeps me happy. :-)
87. She's a good cook.
88. She made me a blueberry pie.
89. She's a good mother.
90. She didn't mind when I bought "country style" orange juice (the pulpy kind).
91. She's cute.
92. She's got a bod that just doesn't give up! :-)
93. She re-organized the desk.
94. She put my pants in the dryer.
95. She made me home made apple pie.
96. She brought me a fresh towel one morning.
97. She also made coffee a couple of times last week.
98. She helps me through trying times, and never blames me for my shortcomings.
99. She is attending the "Women of Faith" conference again this year.
100. She is comfortable enough to leave our daughter in my care.
101. She made me a list of "who needs to be where, when," so I can keep track of things. After all, I don't do her routine every week.
102. She's not upset I can't pull off the "While You Where Out" dinning room makeover of new harwood floor and wallpaper.
103. She is very cute with her snooze alarm procedure. Alarm goes off, then snooze twice. (Why not set the alarm for the right time? I guess if she wakes up three times in 15 minutes, it's easier on the pschye.)
104. She didn't mind when I spent a bunch of time at my Kiwanis Club's "Haunted House." She even came over and helped a little.
105. She made me homemade macaroni and cheese for supper twice in the last week. (It's very good, but now I am sick of it.)
106. She understands that I can't be home frequently, and respects me for working hard.
107. She had $35 extra dollars she made babysitting. Though we could use it for bills, I told her to keep it and spend it on herself. She used the money for a project where people buy toys for those less fortunate around the world. Pretty selfless, huh?
108. She's fun to hot-tub with.
109. She bought me Diet Pepsi Twist at the store. I didn't ask for it, but it was on sale, so she bought me some.
110. Last year, she volunteered to watch a teenager while his guardians were away on vacation. She even decided to do it again this year.
111. She helped out with Julia's school book fair.
112. She let me keep the electric drums set up in the middle of the playroom for a few days.
113. She watched The Abyss with me last night, and even liked it a little.
114. She takes Julia to school at 8am every morning.
115. She was the one who mentioned we should break out the cocomotion.
116. She's played Star Wars trivia with me twice this week, even though she knows she will be decimated.
117. She cares about my family.
118. She re-took (tooked?) my drum quiz from several months ago, and did worse this time around!
119. While sitting around after dinner the other night, I asked "Do we have any chocolate?" She said "Wait," and went and got a giant Special Dark she'd been hiding for just such a question.
120. She made a most excellent roast chicken last night, the remains of which she'll use to make a soup we'll eat with my parents tomorrow night.
121. She let me show her how much I love her by letting me buy her a coat.
122. She said this really cute thing to me the other night. It was about 3:30 in the morning. I woke up to go to the bathroom. Susan said to me "Sacagawea." I said "I'm sorry?" She said "Sacagawea... Oh never mind, I was dreaming about pilgrims and Indians." I didn't bother to tell her at that time that over 100 years seperated Sacagawea and the
pilgrims--it was too early on the morning. But it was cute.
123. She makes a mean stuffed mushroom.
124. She's got the house decorated for Christmas, and it looks great.
125. She's making plans to have Julia's friends over for a "girlie-girl make-up party."
126. She does this cute snooze alarm wake-up routine.
127. She married a goober like me.
128. She's having my baby!
129. She sided with me, and agreed to change the possible girl's middle name.
130. She made me her outrageous home-made peanut buter cups for my birthday.
131. She let me "spend" some money money I made at my DJ gigs. (We each get $50 to buy each other Christmas gifts.)
132. She brushed Julia's teeth last night, even though it was my night. I was working on a customer's web-page, and was engrosed. (What would you expect from "Mr. Single Task Man?")
133. She's going through another pregnancy with horrible morning sickness that lasts all day.
134. It was really the least I could do. Last night, I made her scrambled eggs for supper. When I crawled into bed, she thanked me for making the eggs. Not your basic "Thank you," but a real sincere thank you.
135. Even though she feels this rotten, she's still going to let Julia have her girlfriends over for a "make-up party" on Friday. (That's not a party being made up due to cancelation. No, it's a party where girls come over and put on make-up. I'm not going home for lunch that day.)

(I asked Julia why I loved her mother. This is what she said.)

136. "Because she cooks."
137. "Because you like the hugs and kisses."
138. "Just because you love her."

(Back to me)

139. Twins!
140. She didn't even mention that I forgot to do my R4L last week.
142. She made my favorite chicken pie for supper tonight. (Of course, she made it with turkey, the way she prefers, but she did leave the vegetables out, the way I prefer.)
143. She made no remarks about me buying that cocktail drum. (The last drum I buy for a while, I bet!)
144. She feels comfortable leaving me to take care of Julia.
145. She puts up with cocktail drums in her living room.
146. She rarely gets on my case about taking care of the trash.
147. She teaches Bible stories to Julia.
148. She doesn't get too mad when I have strange dreams about twin blond police officers.
149. She's working very hard to get the house in order for twins.
150. She helps me get things done when I don't have enough hours in a day.
151. She understands that I can't be at home as much as I would like.
152. She's thankful for my hard work and long hours.
153. She let me watch a instructional drum video in bed the other night.
154. She just called and asked me what I wanted for supper.
155. Even though she feels horrible, she cleaned the kitchen the other day.
156. She made me her famous peanut butter cups for Valentines day.
157. We both agreed that Arlington Road had a sucky ending.
158. She's understanding when I have to work late, and volunteers to make supper--even though I know she doesn't feel up to it.
159. Just in general, she rocks Neddick.
160. She picked up Julia's room, and cleaned the kitchen on Monday.
161. She bought me my favorite cookies at the grocery store.
162. She finally made a meatloaf firm enough to not fall apart.
163. She's stayed with me for 15 years.
164. She helps me keep my calendar up to date.
165. She has very soft skin.
166. She does cute things. Like when we went to a nice restaurant, and I ordered Veal Ragu with Parmesan Rissosto and a Samuel Smiths Pale Ale. She ordered pot roast and a grape soda!
167. While I went out to pick up supper tonight, she poured me a glass of milk so it was ready when I got home.
168. She did an awesome job getting rooms ready for the twins.
169. She said I didn't have to rub her neck while I was talking to my boss about after hours business. How thoughtful! :-}
170. She hardly batted an eye when I asked her if I could bid on another snare drum.
171. She has mentioned, even in jest, me not doing a R4L in almost a month!
172. She made a batch of chocolate chip cookies that were nothing short of amazing!
173. She took Julia to school today so I wouldn't have to empty the drums out of my truck.
174. She took Julia to do all kinds of wonderful things on Saturday.
175. She took Julia to Kippy Karnival without me, because I had to work.
176. She takes care of Julia a lot when I'm not home evenings. (Like tonight. And tomorrow night.)
177. She called downstairs to me on Monday to remind me that I needed to do some work for the office at a particular time. Knowing I was downstairs away from a clock, and knowing how things slip by me when I'm
busy, she took it upon herself to remind me.
178. She's turning into quite the seamstress.
179. She's going with me to a supper of smothered beef on Saturday, and she doesn't like smothered beef. She's going for me--I love it, and since she hates it, I never get it.
180. She helped me put a shirt on the other day when my sunburn was really bad.
181. She sprays my sunburn with Solarcaine thrice daily.
182. She found Julia's teddy bear easily last night, even though Julia and I hunted and hunted for it.
183. Even though she's on modified bed rest, she still gets up to pack Julia's lunch bag.
184. She looks really good pregnant right now.
185. She's a good friend to me.
186. She took Julia to school today so I could make my 7:30am meeting.
187. She didn't bat an eye when I told her I wanted to go to a Poncho Sanchez concert on one of my rare Saturday nights off.
188. She is very caring. She was genuinely happy to hear good news about one of my co-workers--someone she knows, but isn't really friends with. Still, good news for them makes her happy.
189. She wasn't upset when I told her I was stopping R4L after I hit week #52.
190. She cleared of the dining room table the other night, and organized what was on it.
191. She also cleaned up the kitchen.
192. I was cold the other night, and she made me hot cocoa.
193. She told me she was really looking forward to some time alone with me on Saturday evening. ;-)

How many marriages end in divorce? About 50%, right? Of those who stay married, how many do so because it's not convenient to get divorced? How many stay together because of the children? How many stay together because of the money?

How many people are married because they're in love with the person they're married to?

I am in one of those marriages.