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08/08/2002 Entry: "Snares and Fire Trucks for Doug."

Yum! BUBINGA!!! This snare is going on the must own list. Down at the drum shop in Portland, they had one in Massacar Ebony. You could also get it in Rosewood. Rosewood, ebony, or BUBINGA. It's like a yummy drum wood smorgesboard. Any would be fine by me. They usually go about 5 bills, so it'll be awhile.

The Owls Head Transportation Museum is auctioning off an Ahrens Fox fire pumper. Patrick, a former employee there, thinks it's the one that was just fully restored. He thinks they're asking a couple hundred thousand. (Read that: $200,000.) I hope the guy auctioning it doesn't mind hanging on to it! Especially, since I would be happy with one like this.

I've been called "Doug" twice today. And another customer spoke with Ron, and he said he spoke with "Doug" earlier. What is it?

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