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08/17/2002 Entry: "The Gretsches are done!"

Well, the Gretsch kit is all done. I got them set up on the rack last night. They look pretty good. Much better than they were. The rack is nice too. Photos will come--I know you'll all wait with baited breath.

It's been a little slow in the office today. Yesterday afternoon was slow too. I was like, "Will this day ever end?!" It did.

After work, I made supper for Susan and myself. (The Flower of Loveliness was at Grampy and GrammyNan's.) Scallops and fries. They were much better than we thought they would be. The scallops have been frozen since March or so, and we thought the flavor might be a little off. Not so! Especially with Billy Rhythm's secret breading! They were fantastic!

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