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08/27/2002 Entry: "Food quiz and drums--what else!"

Here's a very nice looking Trixon Speedfire kit. Dig that bass drum! Remo still makes a run of those heads every year, so replacements are available by special order. That's not going to be something your regular music store has in stock.

Food survey. Written by Spacemonk. Stolen from Michelle.

food survey:

favorite style of cooking: Italian
favorite junk food: chocolate
favorite snack food: potato chips
favorite fruit: blueberries
typical breakfast: coffee. Some kind of breakfast pastry. (Preferred breakfast: Huevos Rancheros. Or sausage hash.
favorite condiment: black pepper
favorite all-purpose food: pasta
favorite "healthy food": low sodium bacon. Pringles "Right Crisps."
favorite pasta: farfalle
favorite pasta sauce: carbonara. Or maybe putanesca. Or Bollognese. Or picatta. Maybe better would be worst pasta sauce. But I can't think of one of those right now.
favorite sandwich: chicken salad
favorite soup: Ma's beef stew
favorite fast food: KFC, original recipie
most despised food: boiled carrots
suprising exception to most despised food: carrots in Ma's stew
favorite dip: hummus or salsa
favorite quick meal substitute: Meal substitute?
favorite pizza topping: hamburger, roasted red peppers, and minced garlic. Or a Ricettas eponymous pie: fresh tomato slices, prosciutto, sauteed scallions with garlic, ricotta cheese, and a sprinkling of mozzarella.
food i love to order cause i love to say it: Bubinga! No, really. Maybe calamari.
oddest combination that worked: draging montery jack cheese through hot sausage drippings!

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