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08/26/2002 Entry: "Juice's drummer, Kiwanis, and Bourbon"

What must one do to receive crazy phat props from Billy Rhythm? Well, you have to something nice for me, and not run-of-the-mill nice. Selfish? Perhaps. It works like this. Harvey at Northern Kingdom (the best music store in the world) gives me a great deal on something. Not just a good deal, but a below cost deal. He gets props. Patrick gives me a $4 chocolate bar for no reason. Props. Jim gives me a really cool beer basket b-day present. Props get doled. Like here. (Technically not props, but a shout out. Same thing.)

A strange time was had by me while setting up for Juice's drummer. Let's just say he was probably not having a good night, and playing a rental kit didn't make him happy. He didn't like my tuning. He didn't like that there was no rug for the drums. (The contract rider didn't call for one...) He didn't like that I had them set up on a rack. He didn't like that the sound man couldn't put bass drum in his monitor. He was a little frustrated, shall we say. But, the gig itself went ok. At the end of the first tune, Juice turned around to talk to the drummer. It was then she noticed the drums, and said "Oh my God, they're yellow!"

I'm the P/R chair for the Rockland Kiwanis club. This weekend was the New England District meeting in Mass. Our club won a Governor's award for Outstanding P/R, a Governor's award for the web site (which I designed and manage), and a P/R award for outstanding use of television. This is my second year as P/R chair, and it's the second year we've been awarded the Governor's Award for outstanding P/R. I'm not the P/R chair next year. I've done it enough. All the other committees want you to hump their projects (as they should), but I've had a hard time getting my committee to work with me. Of course, most of my comittee members are inactive in the club. Next year, I'll be on the Board of Directors, the club notes bulliten editor, the webmaster, and I'll serve on the P/R and Spiritual Aims committee.

I've had a hard day. I will go home and enjoy a glass of bourbon.

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Thanks for the props explanation. I hope you undertand why I asked. If you don't let me hint to you that the key is in the second paragraph of your entry.

Posted by Jim @ 08/27/2002 12:15 PM EST

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