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08/27/2002 Entry: "Props to Jim"

Oh, man! I forgot! Crazy wild mad overflowing buxom props to Jim. You see, when I was restoring the Gretsches, I decided not to put the original tom mounts back on. But that left a big oval hole in the side of the drums. It's very hard to cut an oval shape that's also bent! So Jim plugged the hole, and then used his drum sander (no pun intended) on it. It came out very smooth on the outside. The inside was harder, because the drum was digger than the curve of the drum, thus rubbing against the side of the drum before it could sand the plug. No problem! I used my Dremel that my folks got me for Christmas, and sanded it smooth. So the Gretsches not only look great, but they are more structuraly sound. Thanks Jim!

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