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09/09/2002 Entry: "Where have I been all weekend?"

I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

What was I up to this weekend, you ask? Well, Saturday I DJd Kyle and Kims wedding. (Congratulations, you two!) It was crazy long! They booked me for 6 hours. Four is the norm. You can do it in three if you really hustle it up. Five is plenty. Six is long! (The longest I ever did was a 25th wedding anniversary. 7 1/2 hours!) But they loved it! Non-stop dancing. The room was broken into halves. One half wanted disco, and the other half waned more modern dance stuff. Either way, the dance floor was hoppin'. So that ended at 9pm. At 9:30, I was supposed to be on stage at the Black Bull, playing for Blind Al. Man, was I draggin'! I could barely keep my eyes open. And that gig was uneventfull.

And speaking of Blind Al... Here's something that bugs me a little. Blind Al has his own style. You may like it, you may not. But I think it's a little incongruous for musicians who aren't playing gigs to shoot him down. I mean, he's out there doin' it every weekend! I played 64 dates with him last year, and the same number (ironically) the year before that. How many did you play? 10? Then sit down and shut up. When you're out busting your hump like I am every weekend, then you can criticize me for what musical projects I decide to work with, ok? Until then, I'm getting paid $100 a night to play with the man, so I guess he's doing something ok.

I may have mentioned it before, but I don't remember. Michelle has got a link to me on her page. That's pretty cool. It seems we both like to visit Michelle's page. (That's a different Michelle.) I think a thank you link fromme should be popping up around here soon. And some other links (read: The Greasy Wop) will be comming down. I love the wop and all. Truly, I do. But he hasn't posted in over a month. That's the cutoff. I gotta pull him down. I hope he updates soon. I'd love to put him back up.

Do you know what my dad told me the other day? That he doesn't click on any of the drum porn links I put up. What? What else is there to do here. On a serious note, you could not ask for a better set of parents than mine. That's all there is to it. They grew me up right, got me into the world, and I haven't been back. Is that not the parents ultimate goal? And, we still love each other. If I need a little help (usually financial--it happens from time to time), they're there to toss me some coin until I can get it back to them. Never do they make me feel bad about it. Never do they ask me when I'm going to pay it back. Never have they hinted to me that they would like a payment a little faster. Nope. It's always "here you go, don't worry about it." And as grandparents, they're pretty awesome too. I have to make sure Julia doesn't ask them for anything. Grampy especially. She would say "I'd like the moon," and they'd get it for her. Once, Mom convinced Dad to drive to New Hampshire (a 3 hour trip) to get Julia a pet frog. (See my post of April 16 last year.) This Sunday, she asked Gramps to get her a Luke and Leia playset like the one they got for my nephew Eben. Gramps was all "Ask Grammy where she got it, and we'll get you one." I'm like "Dad, don't let her ask you to buy her stuff. We're trying to teach her manners."

And, for my nephew Eben. He would like the world to know that Jesus is going to give him a baby, and it's already in his Mommies tummy! Of course, what Eben doesn't know is that most of the world has known for 2 months. In any event, congrats to my sister and brother-in-law. They're thinking about Hannah or Elizabeth for a girl, and Connor (I think) for a boy. I'm rooting for a Hannah. Especially since Susan and I had already picked out Elizabteth Grace for our girls name. But Emily Grace is in the running for us too. For boy's names, I really like Zachary Pierce, but Susan thinks we need another William Batty running around.

Maybe we should name a boy Ringo! (editors note: Upon re-reading this post, you may get the idea that Susan and I have biscuits in the oven. That is not correct. However, if the bread boy were to drop some rolls off at the house, we wouldn't send them back, if you catch my drift.)

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I couldn't agree more when it comes to the Blind Al thing. I think what I like about Blind Al best is that he writes a lot of songs as well as doing a great performance. He may not be rich but that doesn't mean he isn't good. Not everyone who is good makes it in the business and a lot of people who aren't good make it pretty far. There is a big difference between writing music that is good and performing it and then just doing a lot of covers. To me that is the difference between a musician and an artist. Some people produce. Some just trash talk. Big difference all around.

Posted by Jim @ 09/13/2002 10:54 PM EST

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