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09/28/2002 Entry: "Nice snare"

Sonor Signature Makassar Ebony/Rosewood snare

This drum is either Macassar ebony or bubinga. According to the catalog I have, rosewood was only available in the 6 1/2" depth, not the 8". I think it's the bubinga. (BUBINGA!!!) Either that, or the ebony is very light. It's a very nice snare.

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Look who else talks about drum sets. That is right. Zac Hanson!

From an interview.....

Zac, what was your first drum set?
My first drum set was a 1960's Ludwig four piece. The drum set
was a friend's who had it from high school, and had kept it in the
attic for years. I asked him if I could use it and he lent it to me.
The finish was like the Ringo Starr set, with the blue and silver
pearl pattern. The only problem was that the bass drum would
sometimes roll off the stage(the hardware was stripped) in the
middle of a show. From the selling of our first indie album,
Boomerang, we were able to save enough money to buy a nice
set of Pearl drums which are on loan to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of

Zac, did you ever take drum lessons?
Taylor and I both had lessons for 9 months in 1994. We took
them from a local musician in Tulsa. He was a great teacher,
however, we got so busy performing that we stopped taking
lessons and practiced by doing more shows. Taylor and I use to
trade off playing the drums and it still happens sometimes.

Posted by Casino Man @ 09/30/2002 10:09 AM EST

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