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09/30/2002 Entry: "Guitars, drums, a poem, and my weekend"

Here is an old WFL twin strainer snare. Oh boy! Going to keep my eye on this one. (Though my wallet will get no where near it!)

I went to see Medeski, Martin and Wood on Saturday. While I was in Portland, I picked up some stuff that I ordered on my last trip. I picked up some vinyl--titles included Cookin, Steamin, and Relaxin by Miles, and Chet by Chet Baker. Haven't opened them yet. I also picked up a nickel hoop for the floor tom of the WFLs. All I need now are 6 nickel t-rods, and it will be completed.

About the concert... I know MMW from their work with John Schofield. So I figured that's what I'd get--minus the guitar, of course. Kind of a funky organ jazz trio. Well, they also do some free jam Dead/Phish type stuff, and that's what they played. It was a lot like Miles' Bitches Brew album. They would start very free, droping sounds where they fell, unstructured, but moving towards whatever composition was next on the set list. Then they would just look at each other and jump on it. So it was a good concert, but I don't need to go see them again. If they were backing John Scofield, I'd go in a minute. Billy Martin played one of the most musically interesting drum solos I've ever heard--a solo that included a duck call. And Medeski was like a mad scientist on the keys--jumping on this, adding a little of that, just to see what happened.

The Pink Paisley Telecaster. Perhaps the prettiest guitar ever.

"Flowers for Those You Love"
--Richard Brautigan

Butcher, baker candlestick maker,
Anybody can get VD,
Including those you love.

Please see a doctor
If you think you've got it.

You'll feel better afterwards
And so will those you love.

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