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04/02/2003 Entry: "New info on old friends"

Jim's still in the hospital. It seems he had a blood clot in his leg, and that's moved to his lung. They've put him on blood thinner, and they say everything will be fine. His surgery has been pushed to Monday. Please keep Jimmy in your prayers.

So Paddy went to Washington this weekend, and just made it back to the office today. He ate at some real froo-froo Eye-talian place. Dig these:
"Calamaretti saltati in padella serviti con il cappuccino di portobello e l'uovo di quaglia"
"Insalata d'arugula servita con le pere arrostite le rape rosse ed il condimento miele e tartufo"
"Ravioli di vitello con il ragu di funghi di bosco"
Let's play "What did Paddy actually eat!" Leave your answers here.

No new news on the pink sparkle Charlie Jones model drum kit. Still waiting for parts. Also, no news on the Bearing Edge snare. My four week wait is now 12. I called at left a message for the builder yesterday. He hasn't returned my call. :-(

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By the way, I did NOT have any "freedom fries" while in Washington. Just so you know.

Posted by Paddy @ 04/03/2003 09:00 AM EST

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