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06/21/2003 Entry: "For the boys at Northern Kingdom Music"

For those who don't believe it, here's Julia (so you know I didn't just pull some photo off the Internet) using my 1958 Western Electric rotary phone. The handset also toubles as a club to ward off attackers. It's fun to see people's reaction at my house when they hear a phone ringing. Phones nowadays just burble and beep--they don't ring.

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

The phone is cool but Julia is adorable!

Posted by Michelle @ 06/21/2003 05:33 PM EST

That is a telling photo. Is that a power supply it is sitting on? Is that the School House Rock thing I got you in the background? Julia is very cute too. Enjoy it now because when she is about 16 it is going to be a nightmare.

Posted by Jim @ 06/21/2003 07:56 PM EST

Julia is such a doll!! Cool phone too! ;o)

Posted by Maria @ 06/22/2003 08:27 PM EST

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