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06/23/2003 Entry: "Busy Day"

Busy day for me today. I went to the office at 8, and pulled tech support until 9. I had a 10 o'clock that was supposed to take an hour, but took 1 1/2. Then Kiwanis at noon. On lunch, I shipped out a bunch of ebay comics I sold. Then I had a 3pm that lasted about an hour. Back at the office until 4:30, then downstairs to wash dishes. I wasn't at my desk very much.

And Susan was busy too! She cleaned all day long. The house looks good, and smells really good! Of course, now Julia's fever is back. She had strep a week ago, and it looks like it's back.

Thanks for the notes on Julia's photo. I agree, she is a sweetie. And I agree with Jim--I'm going to be in big trouble when she's 15. I'm practicing my junkyard dog bark! Roooof! And yes Jim, that is the School House Rock CD you see in the photo. Also seen is my video camera bag, and the other black box is my record cleaning machine. The "power supply" is actually my computer. I like the juxtaposition of the 1950s phone on the Athlon 2000.

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