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06/24/2003 Entry: "Julia's sick of macquariums!"

Julia's sick again. She just got over strep about a week ago. Then this weekend, she got a fever on Saturday. Sunday she was feeling a little better, so we went to church in the morning. Evening services, she and Susan stayed home, and I went alone. Then last night, fever came back. We called the doctor on call, but she never got back to us. (Great health care, huh?) So today, Sue called and got an appointment with another doc. Turns out not only is the strep back, but she's got pneumonia too.

I sold three Macquariums today. A local office pulled three of there old machines out of service. One's going back into the office, one's going to the owner's home, and one's going to a local vet office. And, they may take another one for the daughter, who is also a vet in Massachusetts! Now that rocks Neddick! I'm going to use the money a place a bid on a Tama rosewood that needs a good home.

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I don't usually go to evening services at my church so next time you are going alone give me a jingle. Love to go with you.

Posted by Jim @ 06/24/2003 10:29 PM EST

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