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11/12/2003 Entry: "Graves, Vets, and Dads"

Forgot this on Veteran's Day. Thanks to my great grandfather (Fred, who died before I was born, but known to most as Grampy), my grandfather (Thornton Sr., whom I knew as "Father"), and my dad (Bill Sr., whom I know as "Dad"). All three served their country in the Coast Guard. (Grampy was in under the US Lighthouse Service.) Three generations of Coast Guardsman ended with me. I know Dad doesn't hold it against me, but some days I have regrets about not considering the Coast Guard a little more closely back in the day.

Dad's surgery went well, and the nurses are reporting that he's beig quite a trooper. Suposedly, all who have worked with him love him. How could you not! He comes home tomorrow, probably. We won't have the biopsy results until next Tuesday.

In something totally unrelated... I have a thing for grave yards. An aesthetic thing. I like 'em, and I like 'em creepy. Anyway, I've had this ieda for a photo project I've wanted to do kicking around in my head for years now, and now that I have a digital camera, I should really get off my butt and do it. One of the things I'm looking for is an unmarked grave in Camden/Rockport of an infant. Strange. Look what comes up in Google when searching for "rockport maine grave baby boy." Weird, huh.

(Edit: Even more weird--I'd already mentioned this in another post!)

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