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12/08/2003 Entry: "Hey, how's it going?"

Jim lent me this great concert DVD full of Cuban-style musicians performing down in Miami. Pete Escovedo (Sheila E's dad), Poncho Sanchez, Dave Valentin, and others. The band plays the classic Tito Puente tune "Oye Como Va." Everyone knows this tune. Even my mom and dad know it. (They may think they don't know it, but they do.) Santana made it famous--they're probably more famous for it than Tito is. Anyway, I mentioned to Susan that even though I've heard the song hundreds of times, I have no idea what the actual words are. "That's because they're in Spanish" she said. "You have a hard time figuring out lyrics in English, let alone another language.


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I took two years of spanish and I can barely remember any of it. If I see it in a movie with the subtitles it is kinda like "oh yeah". I figure they want to practice their english anyway.

Posted by Jim @ 12/08/2003 06:19 PM EST

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