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12/11/2003 Entry: "Baby Names"

Paddy thought of a great idea! I don't know if he realized it or not. My first child (Julia Valentine) was named after a Beatles song (Julia) and a jazz standard (My Funny Valentine). Using the same formula, lets see what other names we come up with. Paddy's first fling was Pepper Indigo. I first thought of Taxman Leaves. Of course, you could always use Michelle. Or Martha, or Prudence, or Sadie. (Strange. Those last three names are all songs from the White Album. Julia is also from that album. Seems a lot of female names are mentioned on those two slabs of vinyl. I never really noticed it before.) There's also Rita, and Pam.

In all honesty though, the girls name is almost 100% locked in: Elisabeth Grace. It follows the formula. The actual girl naming formula is this: A song name (doesn't have to be a Beatles tune) that's Biblical for the first name, and something important to our relationship for the middle name. (For the rundown on Julia Valentine, see here.) Elisabeth Biblically is the mother of John the Baptist. Musically, there's a song I love by Counting Crows called "Goodnight Elisabeth." So the first name is fine. Grace, on the other hand, is Susan's choice. I like it ok, but it's not my first choice. What would be my first choice? I don't really know. I do know that I really do like Prudence. I also like Jill (Jill and Julia--isn't that nice?!) and Marigold.

Boys name has yet to be decided. The front runner right now is Nathaniel Lewis. I also like Zachary Pierce. Susan would like to use William in there somewhere. If we go that route, I say let's go whole hog and make him William III.

Or maybe we could name him Doug...

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