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01/16/2004 Entry: "Walnut Gladstone"

So there's this master drum builder, Johnny Craviotto. Back in late 1980s, he and drummer Billy Gibbson (Huey Lewis and the News) formed a drum company called Solid. Due to a copyright problem, they had to change their name to select. They made great drums, but they weren't around long. But Johnny kept making drums. He has almost single-handedly brought back the popularity of solid shelled drums. These drums are not made of plywoods, but single chunks of wood that are bent using steam.

Arnie Lang was a student of Billy Gladstone, and owns an authentic Gladstone snare, made for him by Billy. Using his snare as a prototype, he has remade parts, and is making Gladstone replicas.

Walnut is a beautiful wood, and I have been lusting after a drum made of walnut for some time.

What happens when you mix all three? Extacy, that's what!

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