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03/11/2004 Entry: "Crazy Dreams Part ???"

Last night's dream was in two parts, interrupted by a trip to the bathroom at 5:30am. The first part was like this. It started in the Orient St. parking lot, outside MIS Corporate World headquarters in Rockland ME. There was snow on the ground. The city had the lot plowed in such a way that the Orient side of the lot was clear, but the Oak St. side was full of snow--thus you could only park in half the lot. I had just gotten out of my truck, and was walking towards the office. Just then, I turned and looked over my shoulder, and there was JP pulling in with another new MIS vehicle. This was a huge white van with red trim. I could tell by the sound it was a diesel. It was so high, you couldn't actually reach the ladder racks on the roof. Instead, a lift system lowered the ladders to the ground.

"What's that for?" I asked.
"It's the new wireless Internet installation vehicle!" he shouted excitedly.

I was incensed. We already had one vehicle too many; one MIS van was for sale, an extra vehicle without a driver. Now JP had bought another one.

I went inside the MIS office. Everything had been striped out of the inside. Susan, Alison (JP's wife) and Suzie Chickering (???) were inside hanging decorations.

"What's this all for?" I asked.
"It's for the MIS 5th anniversary party. And, we're going to have a sale!"

(Unusual, as MIS almost nine years old, and we never have sales.)

I woke up.


Crazy dream, part the second

I was downstairs in my basement. I took the lid off my hermit crab crabrarium, and saw that my crab had given birth, and there were some nice, soft, baby hermit crabs running around in there. Unfortunately, there weren't enough shells for everyone, and one little guy was running around naked, e.g. sans shell. So, I thought I'd go to Ben's crabrarium and pull the shells out of it. I pulled the lid off, and there was Ben! He was still alive. I was in shock. Then all of a sudden, from under the sand, something started moving. There was another thing in there with him. I've never seen anything like it. Envision a crab with no legs and no claws, with tail stuck out. But imagine the tail is as wide as the body. That's what it looked like. I snatched it quick, threw it on the floor, and put a razor blade through it with my Safety Cutter. It was flopping all around. I stood on it, blade still stuck it, and yelled to Susan for help.

Then I woke up.

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