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05/27/2004 Entry: "The end of the drum bag madness?"

It's been over two weeks since I posted about my Musician's Friend drum bag fiasco. I sent the cases back the beginning of last week. I've got my tracking number right here. They were received last Friday. I'm waiting for the credit. It's still not here. I call again today. "Well, Mr. Batty, we can see the credit's been issued." Really? Why isn't it in my bank account? "Here's the number for our accounting department."

I call it. "Hi, this is Megan, I'm not in, please leave a message. (To man in background) What do I press now?" (Man in background) "Press #."

Nice. Real professional.

"Hi Megan," I say. "Have I reached Musician's Friend accounting? This is the number I was given, so I'm dialing it. Here's my info, blah blah blah."

So, I call the regular Musicians Friend number, and talk to Johnny. "Hi Johnny. I called this here other number, and this is what I got."

"Strange," Johnny says.

"Is it some group you hired? If not they should at least say what business they're with."

"No," Johnny agrees, "it's all in-house. That's weird. Maybe they're all at lunch. Here's another number. It's not toll-free though."

I don't care. I call it.

"Hi, Musician's Friend."

"Hi, this is Bill, last name Batty, my zip is 04841. (I know the drill.) I want my credit." (Not that snippy really, but I use it to sum up here.)

"I see we've issued a store credit."


"I can't have that. I need a credit to my bank account please."

"Oh, wait, here's a note that just got added. It says you'd prefer a credit back to your account."

"They just added that? I talked to two techs at your regular number today, but neither time did I go deep enough into this to ask for a credit. When was that note added?"

"Oh wait," she says. "That was added on Monday." (That's the last time I called them and told them the credit hadn't shown up. I guess it really wasn't "just" added.) "Why haven't they paid this. Let me check upstairs." I hold. "One second." Holding. "I can't find anyone." More holding. "Ok, she's been out sick for a week. I'll have her put it through right now."

So let me see if I get this straight. There's only one person at Musician's Friend who can ok a credit back to a bank account/credit card/debit card?! And if she's out sick, no one else picks up her responsibilities? Pu-leaze!

So they've:
Sent the wrong size.
Canceled the order, an gave me a store credit on this cancelled order. (And, never contacted me about the cancelation or the credit.)
Sent the wrong size again.
Admitted the web site had the wrong size to begin with, and they didn't actually have the sizes I needed.
Messed up the return shipping of the second set of wrong bags.
Issued me a store credit again instead of sending refund.
Didn't send refund 'cause the girl was out sick.

My head hurts.

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