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05/27/2004 Entry: "More Quizes"

Amber Bock
AMBER BOCH: You're more likely to be laughing at
people, not with them. You're a bit moody -
sometimes you would rather go out and have fun,
and sometimes you'd rather be left alone with
your beer. You consider yourself an
'intellectual' smart ***, and you take an equal
pride in the beer you drink.

The Greatest Beer Quiz, ever!
brought to you by Quizilla

You are nearly the perfect modern man, however you can still improve your life (and your chances with girls) by learning from gay men.

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I am a Budweiser. I can't believe I actually take the time to do these quizzes. Especially a beer quiz! Me and beer? Be real!

Posted by Lisa @ 05/30/2004 07:36 AM EST

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