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05/28/2004 Entry: "MI5"

Two weeks ago, the Friday Five closed its doors. Last week, Paddy came up with his own 5. He mentioned that it would be my turn this week. I thought that perhaps we--we being the bloggers at Midcoast Internet--should take turns each week making up new thought provoking questions. I think we should pick up the torch that's been put down by the Friday Five. I think the bloggers of Midcoast Internet should start a Friday Five type meme. The name? MI5.

We've had almost a week of straight rain here in Maine. We had a bit of a reprieve yesterday afternoon, but now it's back to the drips. So I give you a sunny day MI5.

1. You may pick one day this summer to throw a big summer bash. What day do you choose?
I pick July 4th. Julia's birthday is July 8th, so it gives us a chance to combine the two.

2. You may pick any two living celebraties to attend your party (along with your friends and family, of course). Who do you pick?
I'll take Ringo Starr and Steve Martin. That should keep things lively!

3. Pick three activities/games to play at your bash.
We're definately going to need a lake, as I want some swim time. Put a canoe in the mix too. I love to canoe. And thirdly, a volleyball net. Volleyball is great 'cause you can get a whole gang of people involved at once, and it's always wicked fun.

4. You're going to need some music at your bash. Pick four CDs of party-time fun to put on shuffle play in the CD player.
I'll take Please Please Me by The Beatles, the new Essential Sly and the Family Stone, Cosmic Thing by the B-52s, and Brother, Sister by The Brand New Heavies.

5. What five things are on the menu?
Sausage on the grill. German style potato salad. Vidallia onions cooked in foil with a little butter and plenty of pepper. Strawberry shortcake on Mom's homemade biscuits for dessert. And wash it all down with America's favorite--Coca Cola. (Depending on the crowd and the temperature, I could also substitute the Coke for a galvanized tub full of Rolling Rocks.

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