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07/14/2004 Entry: "Paging Heather Armstrong of Rockland Maine"

I had this weird dream last night. I know, I'm not usually one for weird dreams, right. ;-) Anyway, I was at some kind of class reunion. I was helping set up the music, and milling about, and talking with people. At one point I looked up, and saw Heather sitting way up in the bleachers. I made my way over to her, grateful that I'd gotten to see her again after all these years. But when I got closer to her, it turned out it wasn't her.

When I woke up, I had this idea. You know how you search for your own name in Google, just to find where you might be mentioned on the web? Well, I figured maybe Heather would do the same thing. (I hope she remembers to use her maiden name, if she's married!) So I've used her name and former hometown in the title of this post, and hopefully Google will index it. And then I hope Heather searches for herself someday, and finds this post.

Heather, once you find this, I want you to know that there are a bunch of people from the class who've not heard hide or hair from you since graduation day. It's my understanding that when the 10th year class reunion rolled around, no one had any idea where to find you, and many people asked about you. So please, leave a comment or email bill@billyrhythm.com. Susan and I would love to know what you're up to. You remember Susan, right? My high school sweetie? And she and I and you and Chris Clayton all went to Perry's Nuthouse on the last day of school? Yeah, her. Well, I married her, and well, there's a bunch I'd like to tell you.

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