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07/26/2004 Entry: "Oh, we had some babies!"

Nathaniel Lewis was born on July 23rd (not June as reported earlier ;-) ), at 10:29am, and weighed 6lbs, 12oz. Seven minutes later, at 10:36, Matthew Thornton arrived, weighing 6lbs, 3oz. Both were 19 inches long. Everything went well, and all are fine. If you want to see the photos, they're here.

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Those babies are beautiful. Congrats to your whole family. Nathaniel's mole gives you a great advantage!! Give Susan my love. BTW, do you need any baby boy clothes? Let me know!

Posted by Allison Grierson @ 07/26/2004 08:37 PM EST

So Nat has the fleece ...

Posted by Paddy @ 07/26/2004 11:07 PM EST

Way to go Mr. & Mrs. Batty with more of the way to go headed to Susan seeing she did all the hard work. :D

Posted by Rays @ 07/27/2004 09:33 AM EST

Congratulations. I am so happy for you and Susan and Julia. Best Wishes.

Posted by Michelle @ 07/27/2004 12:14 PM EST

And they are beautiful. I have about worn out one set of pictures already. Also everyone forgive my son, he is tired, but the babies were born in July not June. We love you all.

Mom and Dad

Posted by Grampy @ 07/27/2004 03:39 PM EST

Grampy Batty

Your son...forgiven.

Posted by Jim @ 07/28/2004 12:06 AM EST

How wonderful and exciting for you! Looks like all toes and fingers accounted for, everyone doing well. Beautifulbeautiful boys!
Very happy for you and Susan and big sister Julia Valentine.

Posted by Ria @ 08/02/2004 09:55 AM EST

beautiful pictures.
my favorite is of Julia holding both of the boys.

Bill, how about some new pictures for those of us far away.
love, aunt linda

Posted by Great Aunt Linda @ 08/03/2004 10:39 AM EST

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