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08/10/2004 Entry: "Random Photos and Celebratory Cigars"

Random stuff here today. I was looking for the picture of the boys I posted yesterday, when I found this photo of a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuit from McDonalds. What is up with the bacon? One measly slice? What happened to the two slices molded into a circle that allowed you to get bacon in every bite? This sandwich was just a travesty. Ok, travesty might be bordering on hyperbole, but it's still not right.

Also found on the camera was a shot of what Dad and I call the World's Oldest Drummer. Mind, I mean no disrespect at all. This guy must be 80. And he marches in every parade around these parts! He's still out there doin' it, and marching with a drum slung over your shoulder in the heat of the day can get a little warm! But you always know when he's a comin'. His street beat sounds like no one else's.

This Saturday, I played a club in Bar Harbor. In Bar Harbor is a place called Joe's Smoke Shop. Every season when we play in Bar Harbor, Blind Al and I go there and have a cigar. And, as is our custom, we did the same Saturday. Of course, this was the first time we'd been since Maine put the "no smoking in public places" law in effect. So Bar Harbor has a cigar bar at which you can't smoke cigars. The "no smoking" sign seemed misplaced. Anyway, they had this cigar that I'd seen advertised a bit, and I wanted to try one. I did, and for the money quite liked it. So I bought a box online. Those of you who want to celebrate the birth of the boys with the traditional stogie can see me in a couple of days.

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It IS a BACON, egg and cheese bisquit after all ... you should have ordered the BACONS, egg and cheese (which denotes the plural of bancon).

Posted by Paddy @ 08/12/2004 12:34 PM EST

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