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10/22/2004 Entry: "White Satin Flame Snare"

Remember that snare drum I won? Well, it was the parts to make a snare drum. And I had you vote on your favorite color. And you all picked Wite Satin Flame. Well, I finished getting it together on my lunch break. You like? You'd better--you picked it!

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Hello. I found your page in my search for a very dear, long, lost to me freind...Kevin Teel. Would you know how to get in touch with him. If you feel strange giving me his information, would you ask him to look at the "missed Connections" pages on Craigs List for Nashville. I would appreciate any help you could give me. I want to thank him.
All My Best,

Posted by MC @ 10/23/2004 03:19 AM EST

I think it looks great. But, more importantly, what do YOU think?

Posted by Lisa @ 10/23/2004 07:58 AM EST

I couldn't have done better myself. Looks very nice

Posted by Dad @ 10/23/2004 09:31 AM EST

Ahem. We didn't "ALL" pick White Satin Flame. Citrus Mod Orange ... Hello?!

Posted by Paddy @ 10/23/2004 10:09 AM EST

OMG Billy, it's gorgeous!!! You did a wonderful job! smile

Posted by Maria @ 10/23/2004 11:59 AM EST

Looks great. Definately the right choice. The evidence speaks for itself.

Posted by Jim @ 10/23/2004 01:25 PM EST

wow that looks great! how did you do that?!?
nice site - we have similar views on much. big grin
God bless!!

Posted by jenn @ 10/23/2004 11:25 PM EST

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