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12/02/2004 Entry: "Gene and Buddy"

Gene Krupa: great guy, great drummer. He played Slingerland drums throughout his career.

Buddy Rich: by many accounts, a big jerk. He played Slingerland, WFL, Ludwig (two stints with Ludwig) Gretsch, and Vox. Not only did these companies have to give him almost unlimited free drums, he also demanded cash to play them. Towards the end of his life, Drum Workshop sent him a kit to try and woo him into their camp. He said he didn't like their clock face looking lugs. He never used them.

He never used them

Slingerland drums are back in production. They even offer a Buddy Rich signature kit. Well, for a little while. It seems the Rich estate has sold the rights to market the Buddy Rich Signature drum kit to Drum Workshop! Take a look at this snare. It's a real Slingerland. And look at this one, another Slingerland, but with Beavertail lugs.

Now look at the two snares on the left. Drum Workshop is apparently paying more than Slingerland to market the Buddy Rich Signature kit. Even though Buddy never played one. And, they go so far as to copy the design of the Slingerland drums he did play! Outrageous!

Business is business. If the Rich family wants to sell out Buddy's name to the high bidder, fine. It's what Buddy would've done, that's for sure. But I'll never think Buddy Rich and DW together. If I wanted a Buddy Rich kit, I'd buy a 70s era Slingy just like what he actually played!

Still, though, I'd rather go with Gene.

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Billy. I wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Your web site really shows your passion for music ,drums, and more importanly, your family. Take Care,kevin Teel.

Posted by kevin teel @ 12/21/2004 07:20 AM EST

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