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12/03/2004 Entry: "MI-5"

You are chosen to go on an Arctic expedition for a year. Your job consists of reading a pressure gauge once a day, so you will have lots of free time. Space is limited, but you can bring one each of the following items. What do you chose?

Book: The Bible

Board Game: I'm with Paddy on this one. Trivial Pursuit.

DVD (single, not a box set): It's a toss up. Either Star Wars (A New Hope) or Citizen Kane. I lean towards Kane, as it's complete it and of itself. Meaning, I wouldn't be left with loose ends that get (or got) cleared up in sequel/prequels.

CD (no cheating and saying a mixed disc of mp3s!): How about the Beatles' White Album? It's a double disc-er! Plus it's chock full of great tunes. Barring that one, it would either be Abby Road (another Beatles choice) or Shawn Colvin's Fat City.

Magazine Subscription (delivery charges are covered!): Hmm. Modern Drummer, maybe. Or Newsweek?

Billy Rhythm Bonus Question! (Note: I did NOT put this here. It was in Paddy's original. For those of you not sure which snares I own, here's a list.)

Snare: Due to climate, you'd want to take a metal snare. And my #1 covers-all-the-bases metal snare is my Pearl bronze Sensitone Classic.

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